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Did you release your MVP but still have some questions?

Is my business viable? Is the price and form of collection correct? How much is my company worth? Should I capture investment now or later? How do I increase my sales? ... If you feel it would be nice to have someone to help you and discuss your ideas you need our program.

A Sai do Papel - SDP

An accelerator based in Rio de Janeiro and focused on helping entrepreneurs stand to take off with their business.

How it works:


It is a personalized program with biweekly mentoring focused on your difficulties. Our team of mentors and invited guests will participate in the meetings to be discussed. In addition to the meetings you will be accompanied by your partner tutor, he is always someone with a lot of knowledge and network in the area of your startup and will help you throughout the program. In addition to mentoring you will also have workshops with our partners. All validated startups will receive up to R $ 200 thousand of investment from our pool of investors.

Pre Requisite:

For this program it is necessary that the startup has already launched its MVP.

What are the


Access to SDP network with all mentors, entrepreneurs and investors

Go-to-market - opening up business opportunities with our networking

Partners: get more than R$ 500 thousand in benefits with our partners

Fundraising - We lead the fundraising round for you and co-invest through our pool.

Personalized mentoring focused on the management of: Marketing, Validation of sales cycle, Investment thesis, Business model, product, distribution, among others.

Shared Service - Free or cost-free services (accounting, financial, legal, marketing, press ofice)

Dissemination: to be part of the group of startups supported by the SDP and thus gain exposure in the entrepreneurship system for the market, companies, startups and investors. The startup will be seen by everyone who does business with us

Softlanding: We help in the internationalization of startups for europe.


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Shopping Downtown, Avenida das Américas, 500, Bloco 22, sala 215. Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro

(21) 3153-5749