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Rio de Janeiro and Petrópolis.


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Classes begin on August 13

Classes start on July 30th

A Sai do Papel - SDP

An accelerator based in Rio de Janeiro and focused on helping entrepreneurs and startups take off with their business.


How to develop your product? Need or not

partner? Is selling like this the best way? And how much should I charge for the product / service? Can I

investment to take off my idea?

Many questions that  we have the answer: DISCOVERY SDP PROGRAM

How it works:

The DISCOVERY Pre-Acceleration Program is carried out in classes with up to two entrepreneurs per

startups, which are at the same stage as you. Over the course of four months we will guide you

development of their ideas, using the Lean Startup methodology and the most modern agile tools

available, as well as business mentoring throughout the process.

Pre Requisite:


Entrepreneurs should enroll in the program by providing a set of information about the idea,

team and others. All projects will be evaluated by Sai do Papel and the approved ones will be enabled

to participate.


R $ 3,600 per person (up to two participants per startup) in up to 05 installments of R $ 720.00 per month, being the first payment in cash.

What are the


Validation of your hypotheses

Access to SDP network with all mentors, entrepreneurs and investors

Shared Service - Free or cost-free services (accounting, financial, legal, marketing, public erections)

Networking: participar nos eventos locais e nacionais da SDP, como o Start Talks e o SIC.

Networking: Participate in local and national SDP events, such as Start Talks and SIC. Creation of Concierge MVP

Go-to-market - opening up business opportunities with our networking.

Partners: get more than R $ 500 thousand in benefits with our partners

Dissemination: to be part of the group of startups supported by the SDP and thus gain exposure in the entrepreneurship system for the market, companies, startups and investors. The startup will be seen by everyone who does business with us


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